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The Quartet


Claudius Agrippa


Claudius Agrippa is a 22 year old award winning genre bending violinist and composer from Brooklyn, New York.


Fabienne Jean


Fabienne Rose Jean is an Haitian American violinist residing in Boston, MA. She prides herself on her ambition and dedication to music.


Noah Leong


Noah is a violist that hails from the Detroit metro area and is currently based in Boston. Starting with classical viola at a young age, Noah now focuses on improvisatory styles.


Kely Pinheiro


Kely Pinheiro is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and arranger based in Boston. She moved to the U.S. after receiving a full-tuition scholarship from Berklee College of Music.


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Nebulous is a traditional string quartet in its instrumentation but with a sound far from traditional. We embody the music we play and take pride in our creative journey; often creating arrangements/compositions from an improvisational and nebulous state. We are all from diverse backgrounds with distinct musical identities and together we create music that is unique and beautiful. Nebulous was formed recently after discovering how amazing our personal and musical chemistry has become. We often find ourselves enthusiastic about the musical ideas we create and aspire to share that joy and delight with our audience.

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Live Performance

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Need string players for your session? our members have hours of experience in the studio.

String Arrangements

Want strings on your song? our members specialize in string arranging and can add extra sauce your track needs!


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